Thursday, April 20, 2017

Preparing for a Socratic Seminar

Goal: Understand the difference between open and closed questions. Write open ended questions about articles we have read in this unit.

Review articles and write questions
Socratic Seminar prep

On Monday we are going to have a Socratic Seminar discussion based on the readings in this unit. To prepare for that you will be looking closely at the articles we have read and considering three questions from the perspective of the people we have read about.

Socratic Seminar Prep:
  • I have your preparation doc for you on paper. 
  • If you would prefer a digital version you can make a copy HERE
  • You must have this completed to participate on on Monday. 
  • You will need your preparation document on paper this time. Print it or prepare using a paper copy from me. 
Keep reading. You will be doing an activity for book review #9. Don't write it. (Book review #8 was due yesterday.)
You can still call in your dramatic reading for extra points. Your next call-in will not be optional, so practicing now would be good. 

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