Friday, April 21, 2017

Visiting the Library

Goal: Visit the library to select books for our book challenge.

Book Challenge
Visit the Library

Book Challenge: 
You can still read whatever you want for your second book in THIS grading period. You should finish reading that second book for this grading period by Tuesday May 2nd.

But for the last six weeks of the school year you must select two books that fit one of the ten possible reading challenges.

If you already read a book that meets one of the challenges that's great, but you can't use it for this, so pick two new challenges.

We are going to the library today so that you can look for books that will help you meet your two reading challenges. You don't have to check them out today, but if you don't make sure you write down the titles and remember someone else may have already borrowed them when you go back.

The shorter version: 
Finish the book you have now by May 2.
Book review #9 will be different. Don't write it yet. I'll tell you more on 5/2.
Pick two books for reviews #10 and #11.
Those two new books MUST each fit one of the reading challenges.

Socratic Seminar will be TUESDAY next week. Finish your preparation document.
Call in your dramatic reading.
Return books you are done with.

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