Friday, April 14, 2017

Reading to learn
Photo By: Mahatma4711 April 2006 CC
Goal: Building background knowledge.

Reading Progress
Quick write
Two articles to read

Reading Progress: 
Update me on the book you are reading and how it's going. CLICK HERE.

Quick Write: 
  • Open your English Journal
  • Quick Write: Look at the image on this post. Where do you think these people are? What are they doing? What are the risks and rewards of their experience?
Two articles to read: 

  • Go to and login with Google. (Be sure to use your account.)
  • Click on "Binder" and scroll down to find the TWO new articles assigned to you. 
  • Read BOTH. Take the quiz for BOTH. 
  • Choose ONE to write about in your English Journal. (1 paragraph summary, 1 paragraph reaction)

A few of you still need to make up your test from 3/24. I am here after school today if you want to come do that. Next week I'll be available Monday and Wednesday.
Call in your dramatic reading.
Bring back books.
Book review #8 due Wednesday 4/19.

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