Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday: Every period is different. Find yours.

Every period today is a bit different, so scroll down to find your's. 

Period 2: 
Goal: Learning to use different ways to include evidence in your essay. 

Ms. Hylton is going to show you some ways to add evidence to your writing even if you aren't directly quoting the author. 

Reminders: Keep working on your essay. Draft due Tuesday. Keep reading because you should finish your book #9 by Tuesday too.

Period 3: We will have a guest Skype session with Jordan Romero
You can learn more about him HERE.
Keep working on your draft and keep reading book #9 (Or start on book #10)

Periods 5 and 6: 
We are still a day behind because of our technical difficulties on Wednesday, but we will be caught up after today. Mostly, you'll get more time for writing after a quick lesson about quotations.

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