Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adding elements of reflection

Goal: Understanding what my memoir needs and learning some ways to make it better.

Books out.


  • You have a draft of your memoir. You know what you're writing about.
  • Lets look at what it needs to make it better. 

StructureStructure: An interesting introduction captures attention. The main event in the narrative (story) is logically organized and clearly described.
LanguageLanguage: Strong dialogue or description draws the reader into the story. The writer includes sensory details, figurative language, and strong verbs.
ReflectionReflection: The writer acknowledges the significance of the incident directly or indirectly.
Grammar and mechanicsWritten consistently in the first person. Is free from grammar/spelling errors.
Word CountMemoir is 700-800 words in length

Working on Reflection: 
  • Get a copy of THIS DOCUMENT. It has some small parts of several memoirs we read. 
  • We are going to look at them together, but I want you to highlight the words and phrases that show that the author is reflecting on the event. 

Complete your draft. 
Add elements of reflection so your reader will know why this moment mattered in your life. 

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