Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reading, "Us and Them" in Formative

Goal: First read of a memoir

You should be about 1/3 of the way through your first book for the semester.

Read a Memoir: 
Okay, new tool. We will use it a lot this year, so it is worth a bit of time to teach you how it works. It's called Formative and it will help me understand more about you as a reader. Basically, I put a short reading into Formative and then I add questions right into the reading. You answer the questions as you read.


  1. Go to
  2. Click"Sign Up" and become a student. 
  3. Choose "Student"
  4. Ignore the boxes for the form and choose "Sign Up With Google" 
  5. Use your district Google account. That's >>>
  6. Enter the class code for our period. (See chart in our classroom.)
  7. Find the assignment called "Us and Them" 
  8. Click on the blue numbered boxes and answer the questions as you read. Do not skip questions. If you change your mind about an answer you can go back and change it. 
To be done by now: (You should be finished with these things. If not do them asap.)
  • Six word Memoir Slide (See Google Classroom and posts below.)
  • Welcome assignment with English Journal (See Google Classroom. Don't forget to click "Turn In.")
  • Return Netbook Agreement
  • Complete Student Data Form
  • Read 1/3 of your book. 

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