Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Memoir Jigsaw

Goal: Check your understanding of the memoir you read yesterday and explain it to a new group.

Books out, let's go.

Memoir Groups: 
Talk to your group about the memoir you read yesterday.
Make sure everyone in your group can explain it.

English Journal: 
Open your English Journal.
Make sure it has an entry about the memoir you read yesterday.

New Groups: 
I'll be moving you to a new group.
Go around the group and take turns explaining the memoirs you read yesterday.
Listen for things these memoirs have in common.
What makes them all memoirs?

Keep reading. You should be finishing your first book this week!
Do you need to work on your six word memoir? (Use the Request a Re-grade button above.)
Do you need to finish something in your English Journal?

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