Thursday, September 8, 2016

Looking closely at "Us and Them" with a partner.

Goal: Look more closely and discuss "Us and Them" with a partner.

10 Minutes, read your independent reading book.

Looking at "Us and Them": 

  • With your partner you will re-read sections of "Us and Them" 
  • See the assignment in Google Classroom to get the text. 
  • One of you will need the text open and the together you will complete This Form.
  • It works well if one of you has the text on your screen and the other partner has the form. 

To be done by now: (You should be finished with these things. If not do them asap.)
  • Six word Memoir Slide (See Google Classroom and posts below.)
  • Welcome assignment with English Journal (See Google Classroom. Don't forget to click "Turn In.")
  • Return Netbook Agreement
  • Complete Student Data Form
  • Read 1/3 of your book. 

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