Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Writing Groups Continue

Goal: Continue writing groups with even better conversations!

What's working in writing groups?
Writing Groups (need to finish today)

Getting Started:

  • What's working in writing groups?
  • What kinds of discussion help writers most?
  • Follow the procedures in the chart or on THIS PAGE with your group. 

Memoir Rubric: (below)
How does your memoir compare to the rubric?
Anything on here we have not worked on?

Finish polishing your memoir. It is due TOMORROW!
Read: You must finish two books by 10/5. (Next Wednesday)

StructureStructure: An interesting introduction captures attention. The main event in the narrative (story) is logically organized and clearly described.
LanguageLanguage: Strong dialogue or description draws the reader into the story. The writer includes sensory details, figurative language, and strong verbs.
ReflectionReflection: The writer acknowledges the significance of the incident directly or indirectly.
Grammar and mechanicsWritten consistently in the first person. Is free from grammar/spelling errors.
Word CountMemoir is 700-800 words in length

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