Monday, September 19, 2016

First Draft Memoir

Goal: Writing the first draft of your memoir.

How to access your writing prompt
Writing time

Writing prompt:
  1. A Google Doc for you to write your memoir has already been shared with you!
  2. Go to, (login), and look in the "shared with me" section. 
  3. Open the Doc called (period, name, first draft memoir.) Add it to your drive. 
  4. DO NOT make a copy of the document. (If it already has your name on it you don't need to make a copy.) 

Writing time: 
  • You may listen to music, but not streaming music. Pandora and others slow down the network for everyone else. (Also if you aren't getting writing done, or if anyone else can hear your music, then your music privilege goes away fast.)
  • You may not talk. Writing requires concentration. Please respect your classmates need for a quiet writing space
  • Write a complete draft, beginning, middle, and end. If you finish early go back through your writing and continue adding details, dialog, and descriptions. 
  • You may write about something you already started writing about in your English journal, but write it fresh. Don't copy paste from your EJ. First see how you write the story today. Later you can look back at your EJ to see what you might still want to add. 
  • Finish your draft. It does not need to be perfect (yet). It does need to be the whole story. 
  • Read: You should have completed your first book by now. You need to finish your second book by 10/5/16. (That's sooner than you think.)
  • Open House is Thursday, October 6th. Tell your parents. 

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