Thursday, September 29, 2016

Your last lesson on THEME

Goal: Learning without computers, oh my. (We can do this.)

We always read.
Today's reading fact: An education professor, Anne E. Cunningham wrote a research paper and discovered that reading frequently does actually make you smarter. Not only does it help you retain knowledge, but it helps you to remember that knowledge later on in life. Whether or not you realize it, reading stockpiles your brain with new information, and you never know when it may come in handy.

Netbooks have gone bye bye: 
Yes our computer cart is gone. It should come back sometime Friday with new Chromebooks inside! For now we will learn without them.
Get out a pen.

Your last lesson on THEME:
This lesson is so good you will never need another lesson about what THEME is or how to figure out the theme of a book. Most teachers instruct about theme slowly, one boring story at a time. Today we are going to learn about THEME by going FAST and in REVERSE!

You will never forget this lesson and if you should somehow happen to forget what THEME is you will remember that you should come back to this post and relearn it from the slides I will post below later today.

You can also watch a version on YouTube. VIDEO VERSION

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Open house is Thursday 10/6.

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