Friday, September 16, 2016

Ideas for Memoir Writing

And that's when I became the middle child. 
Goal: Generating ideas for memoir writing.

4 Quadrants
More Writing

Reading Progress Survey: 
Complete THE SURVEY about your reading.

Four Quadrants: (That's redundant isn't it?)

  1. Open your English Journal
  2. Add today's date at the TOP. (not under your other work.)
  3. Go to Table/Insert Table and choose 2x2. Two squares high and two squares wide. 
  4. Add numbers and make your table look like the one pictured below. 
  5. In EACH box write 3-4 events, big or small, that happened in your life during those years. 
Write for ten minutes about one of the events you listed in your chart. Include details about who, where, when, why. Include information about emotions, (yours and others), events, and your reflection. Do you still feel the same way about this event now as you did then? What did this event teach you about life. Tell the story, use what you remember, guess about the details you can't quite recall.
My teacher wants me to write for ten minutes? Seriously? 

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