Thursday, September 1, 2016

Textbook check out day aka bicep improvement day

Goal: Textbook check out,  reading, and six word memoirs.

READ: get out your book or borrow a new one.

Textbook check out: 

  • We will all go to the library to check out our textbooks.
  • Bring your ID, a pen, and your schedule.
  • Pick up book covers
  • You will NOT go to your locker during class time. 

Back in the classroom:

  • Write your name in ALL of your books
  • Check books for any damage. Report damage to Ms. Cooper in the Library asap or you could get charged for damage to your books.)
  • Cover your books.
  • Keep your English book at home.
  • Carry a plastic bag to protect your books if it rains. (A 13 gallon kitchen trash bag works well. Water can damage books.)

Things you should be working on: 

  • Six word memoir (see bottom of post below for more info.)
  • Student Data Form
  • Join our Google Classroom and complete the English Journal assignment. (Codes to join are posted in the back of the room.)
  • Check out the book you are reading if you borrowed it from our classroom. 
Return your netbook agreement if you still have it. 
Complete any of the things you should be working on above. 

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