Monday, September 12, 2016

Reading Memoirs

Goal: Reading a memoir with a small group

Read a memoir
Discuss the memoir with your group

Group Reading: 

  1. Sign in to Google Drive with your district account. (
  2. Click on the number for your group to get the memoir you will be reading:

Discuss these questions with your group and be prepared to explain more about your reading to another group who has not read this memoir.

What does the writer experience in this text?
What is the writer trying to say about this experience?
What techniques does the writer use to make the story real?
What obstacles did the writer encounter  in this memoir?
What does the writer gain/learn from these challenges?

Quick Write:
Open your English Journal (It is in your Google Drive) and write a paragraph about the memoir you read and discussed today. What would you say about that narrative to someone who has not read it.

Be prepared to talk about the memoir you read today. You should probably read it again.
Read your independent reading book.

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