Thursday, September 22, 2016

Adding to our memoirs

Goal: Making better memoirs. 

How's it going with your second book? 

Using Sensory Details:
  • Smell - and the water smelled like lemons and a heated swimming pool in summertime, all rolled into one." (description of a toilet!)
  • Sound - Trash cans rattle outside restaurants. Metallic jaws on sanitation trucks gulp and masticate the residue of daily living, then digest it with a satisfied grind of gears. 
  • Physical Sensation - A burning drop of sweat raced down the side of my face. I could feel a vein that I previously didn't know existed popping out of my forehead.
  • Taste - and once they are in your mouth, they dance around like crazy gypsies setting fire to anything they touch. Miguel started to run. His tongue was blazing, tears poured from his eyes, and he yelped in pain. 
  • Sight - The spear moved forward inch by inch ….Then Jack grabbed Maurice and rubbed the stuff [blood] over his cheeks . . 
Writing Time: 
  • I want to give you as much time today as possible to do the work of writing and adding to your memoir. Many of you still need more dialog. Some of you need to add more reflection. And almost all of you could use more sensory details. Let's go. 
  • Period 2: Meet in PAC tomorrow. Don't come to our classroom first. (Only period 2.)
  • READ-You should be about 50% done with your second book. 
  • Complete your memoir draft, including dialog, reflection, and sensory details. 

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